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Theme 3 KS2 A healthy, balanced diet

This theme will help children to understand how food helps us grow and stay healthy and why choosing the right kind of food is important. This theme should inspire children to consider their own eating habits and help them understand how to apply healthy eating concepts in their own lives, now and in the future.

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Lesson 1 -
Lesson 1 KS2 Theme 3 - How to achieve a healthy, balanced diet
Lesson 2 -
Lesson 2 KS2 Theme 3 - The 5 food groups
Lesson 3 -
Lesson 3 KS2 Theme 3 - Eating a balanced diet
Lesson 4 -
Lesson 4 KS2 Theme 3 - Understanding fruit and vegetables
Lesson 5 -
Lesson 5 KS2 Theme 3 - How diet affects health